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​Reinvented ‘Black Friday’ benefits Hospice


Run Inn owner/ operator of our Delta store, Kevin Ridley, had a unique idea. Tired of all of the hype around black Friday, he turned the tables on this traditional sale to benefit a local non-profit. He turned Black Friday into a fundraiser of sorts, dedicating 25% of all purchases made that one day to the Delta Hospice Society.

The community really came out to support this sale and the Delta Hospice Society received $830, a percentage from purchases made in-store that day.

‘My idea was to use this day to give back to a local charity. We fundraise in many ways through running clinics, ½ marathon and marathon running races, but we wanted to come up with a new concept, one that benefits everyone. Patrons of my store received great prices while 25% of their purchase went to a great cause. A win win for everyone involved’, said Run Inn owner Kevin Ridley. ‘As I mentioned from the get go it's kind of an anti-Black Friday sale,’ adds Ridley.

"This unique idea goes a long way to support our community. Gifts like this from the Run Inn help fund the no fee programs and services run through the Centre for Supportive Care and help to provide many comforts needed at the Irene Thomas Hospice, a very special place in our community that would not exist without help from the community’, said Nancy Macey, Delta Hospice’s Executive Director.

The Delta Hospice Society operates the Harold & Veronica Centre for Supportive Care, the Irene Thomas Hospice and the Hospice Cottage Charity Shoppe. For more information on programs and services offered please call 604-948-0660.

The Run Inn provides a great selection of athletic footwear and apparel in combination with specialty fitting. They believe in a strong community commitment through local sponsored non-profit events, clubs, and schools. The Run Inn provides weekly running clinics for walkers, those new to running, and advanced runners of all levels

Post- Activity Banana Coconut Cookies

I don’t know about you guys, but I am always looking for “healthy” treats that taste and feel indulgent but can be eaten guilt free. Plus, if you remember last month’s blog, after a run we have a short “Window of Opportunity” to give our body the nutrients it needs to recover properly. When we take advantage [...]

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Something Social: The Run Inn Club

People start running for all kinds of different reasons. Some get into it to lose weight, some want to improve their cardiovascular fitness to improve another sport, and others simply enjoy the rhythm and movement.Kevin Ridley, owner of the Run Inn in Tsawwassen and Vancouver, has been running for 40 years and helping people train [...]

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​Nutrition for Recovery & Injury Prevention

Nutrition for Recovery & Injury Prevention Written by: Keyrsten McEwan, RHN – Holistic NutritionistFour Main Goals for Post-Workout Nutrition: Replenish energy stores (glycogen loss)Replenish fluid and electrolyte lossIncrease muscle size/qualityRepair damage [...]

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Boundary Bay Cross Country Meet

The Boundary Bay Cross Country Meet raises awareness for Hannah's Heroes.This past Friday September 30th over 1000 kids from thirteen elementary schools took Part in the 7th annual Boundary Bay Cross country meet at Centennial Beach Park.The meet is hosted by The Run Inn Delta and the Sacred Heart School parents and features 12 separate races for boys and [...]

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​Electrolytes 101

With Summer in full swing and high temperature days, it’s extra important to pay attention to hydration and electrolyte replenishment. Our bodies are made up of some 60-75% water and the more muscle you have, the more water is needed to feed those muscles.Firstly, listen to your thirst continuously to regulate how much to drink. On a shorter workout, [...]

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​Summer Reading : Just Read It

Shoe Dog - A Memoir by the Creator of Nike - Phil Knight Many see Nike today as a global sports behemoth and most will agree. But what was the story of its beginnings and who founded it? Some may vaguely know that it hails from Portland Oregon and was co founded by an [...]

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Picky Bars- It's freaking science, dude!

Nutrition: Picky BarsThere is nothing more frustrating than reading a label on the back of nutritional bars these days- let alone anything else. With so many hard to pronounce ingredients it’s hard to know what’s natural and good for the body- enter Pick Bars. A company with a simple idea and a simple list of ingredients dreamed up and [...]

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​Holiday Gift Ideas :: What to get, what to get??

Here's some helpful ideas and words of wisdom that your runner or walker can't be without over the holidays and thru winter. 1. Make them a shining star... We carry an array of reflective and flashing products that clip and attach. Nathan says "light up your life"; in the darkness of winter, we couldn't agree more. Our Recommendation: [...]

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Choosing the Right Running Shoes

(Source: Getty Images) Choosing the right running shoes is an important tool in protecting your body and continuing positively towards the sport and your end goals. However, many are venturing into the wrong avenues with the wrong intentions. One of the most frustrating aspects of fitting a person with the appropriate footwear is the inevitable question, “Does this come in any other [...]

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